What I want to get out of this class

I took this class as part of a requirement for my major, but also because I really am interested in learning how to design websites. I have been asked a few times if I knew how to or if I could help create one, but I have unfortunately had to say that I did not know how to. In the future I want to own my own studio and teach art classes to the community. Being able to create my own website will be very beneficial to me. Also as I have said before I want to become an art teacher, while I am mainly interested in teaching elementary school, I have also thought about the possibility of teaching high school so that I can teach graphic design classes. Gaining the knowledge of web design will look good on my resume and broaden the amount of classes that I will be able to teach in the future.

Previous Design Experience

purpleFlowersFor Art Education, each student has to choose a focus area that they would like to make the center of their education in art. For my focus area I chose Graphic Design. I first took a graphic design class my sophomore year of high school. The class was called Digital Design and we learned the Adobe Suite Programs, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I absolutely loved the class and wanted to learn more, so I signed up for Digital Design 2 for my Junior year of high school. While I enjoyed the class and working on designing, we did not get much opportunity to create for ourselves, so I unfortunately chose not to continue with taking the third year of the class. However, I did not let that deter me from continuing on with my interest in graphic design. I was¬†initially¬†hired at my mother’s work in the marketing department to help design logos for some of their projects, and ended up working there for almost three years. Even though I did not design for them the whole time, I did not let that keep me from doing my own designs. While here at FSU I have taken the Digital Foundations class, Typography class, and Digital Media class. This is my last class to finish my classes in my focus area. I wish that I could take more, but I am looking forward to learning more aspects of design through this Web Design class.


Landis GreenHello there and welcome to my site!

I made this WordPress site for my Web design class at The Florida State University. I am a graduate student in the 5 year Art Education program, and I am starting my final year at FSU. I am looking forward to my web design class and all that it has to offer.

I hope who ever reads this enjoys my journey in learning about the art of Web design. Maybe you even might learning something too!